Poya Tiling is a developing and well-established tiling company and has a history of enthusiastic efforts for quality assurance and time efficiency. Poya Tiling consists of 17 full-time staff including estimators, contract administrators, tilers, water-proofers and caulkers – serving clients in the Melbourne construction industry.


Established in 2009, we have a wealth of experience, resources and capacity to deliver all the services to meet the needs of clients’ projects. Our team has many years of experience working on many types of projects and laying the complete range of natural stone, reconstituted stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles.




  • Client satisfaction as we ensure to achieve our clients time, cost and quality objectives.
  • Developing and maintaining a professional and long-term business relationships through client satisfaction.
  • We intend to provide our customers with the best tiling services from beginning to end, with a fast and quality service.
  • Optimizing time, cost and quality objectives through optimum construction methods.
  • Creating employment opportunities by expanding our client base.



Poya Tiling Differences:

Our differences are based on the following five core principles: Quality, Professional, Efficient, Friendly & Proactive Service. At Poya Tiling, we conduct our business based on the defined principles.



We look forward to new opportunities and offer:

  • Quality fast work, we have full-time quality managers actively supervising our projects and showing their effectiveness by consistently delivering projects achieving both construction program dates and quality.
  • Our commitment to deadlines, proven many times, projects are never delayed due to our work.
  • Accurate quotes, with our experience, we work to evaluate tender documentation sets to ensure that our quotations are in compliance with tender documentation and defined scope of works. This will allow us to submit an accurate quotation.
  • Well-trained staff in safety, quality assurance, system and procedures.
  • Client satisfaction as we ensure to achieve our client’s time, cost and quality objectives.